About The TIPENE Old Boys Association

The Old TIPENE Old Boy’s Association, currently known as Te Rauhitanga o te Mano o TIPENE, took a significant step towards establishing a better space for the association on Waitangi Day in 1934. The principal at the time, Mr. P. Smyth, along with two other Kaiako at TIPENE, convened to draft a constitution. Four years later, in 1938, the Old Boys Association was officially founded, hosting its inaugural hui on February 4th at the School site, marking 94 years since the school’s inception. While progress was initially slow, the Old Boys Association has steadily expanded and evolved over time.
Despite the slow start to this association, The St Stephen’s Old Boy’s have made significant contributions to the reopening of TIPENE and continue to do so.

It wasn’t until 2013 that it was formally sanctioned as a Charitable Trust and under the name of Te Rauhitanga o te Mano o TIPENE.  A primary function of the Association was to support the re-opening of TIPENE. With this now achieved, Te Rauhitanga o te Mano o TIPENE has refocused its energies on supporting the growth and sustainability of our kura.  To provide financial support and scholarships to those boys who might benefit from our model of education as well as creating other opportunities to help support the general opereration of the school. .

To facilitate this, a number of support and philanthropic opportunities will be developed and actively promoted through our network of alumni and supporters. These may include formal dinners, fundraisers, significant prize raffles, corporate events, tournaments or regional activities.  Beqests, donations, or direct scholarships are also possible and so far as these are consistent with the ideals and aspirations of the Association and our desire to support boys into education.

Given the reach of our network and the expressed desire by many to provide more tangible support for the operation and growth of the school, the TIPENE 100 Club has been established.  As part of the club, we will provide an opportunity for those who are interested (and able) to support the school by depositing $10 per week into this fund.

More information and detail these opportunities and developments will be provided periodically, and as they are developed. For now, we would like to simply thank you all for your ongoing support and generocity.