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TIPENE bringing the old back to life

A bright new future awaiting TIPENE | St Stephen’s School on the southern fringe of Auckland – the long abandoned Kura on the Bombay Hills. Tens of millions of dollars are being spent to get TIPENE back up and running next year, creating a new era for Māori boys’ education.

Historic Māori boarding school St Stephens makes grand reopening

St Stephens School has reopened after 23 years. The Māori boys boarding school based in South Auckland was closed because of the student’s health and safety. However, under new leadership and guidance, the school has officially reopened and will be welcoming students in the academic school year of 2025.

Old boys return to St Stephen's School for cleanup towards reopening

A group of former students gathered at St Stephen’s School in Bombay for a working bee, marking a significant moment in the school’s history as it prepares to reopen its doors to new students.  Established in 1844, the school played a crucial role in educating numerous Māori leaders until its closure in 2000.

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Thank you to everyone who attended the TIPENE Roadshows, and to those who continue to support TIPENE toward the opening in 2025.

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TIPENE - Grounds Person

The Grounds Person position at TIPENE plays a crucial role in ensuring the timely preparation of our grounds for the new Tāuira, Kaimahi, and Kaiako. We are currently seeking a full-time individual to join our team to support our objectives effectively. The main focus of this role is to develop and maintain the grounds at TIPENE to a high standard that reflects the excellence we aim for in our community. Additionally, responsibilities include the development and maintenance of turf and grass areas, as well as their ongoing management. If you are interested in applying for this position, please click the provided link.

SEEK – TIPENE Full Time Grounds Person, APPLY NOW! 

TIPENE - Philanthropic Activities/Events Manager

The Philanthropic Activities Manager plays a crucial role in advancing TIPENE’s mission of establishing a sustainable financial foundation. This position primarily involves collaborating with alumni, philanthropic organisations, individuals, give-a-little platforms, historical grant providers, government agencies, and other potential funding sources to support Māori Education initiatives. Additionally, a key aspect of this role is cultivating partnerships with external stakeholders and networks, while proactively seeking out new connections to optimize fundraising prospects.

SEEK – Philanthropic Activities/ Events Manager, APPLY NOW!