Key Information


TIPENE will be an environment conducive for boys (Māori) learning through a targeted educational model. Selected staff, professionally immersed in a culture of excellence, high performance and compassion. 

External partnerships will allow TIPENE boys to gain a broader skill set preparing them for success in future roles.

Connection to taiao and iwi will further ensure connection and / or reconnection to their tribal affiliations, instilling a commitment to iwi/hapu through service and contribution.

Personalised programmes for each and every student illustrate our determination to place the student at the centre of learning. Linked to the vocational, cultural and sporting aspirations of each student, TIPENE will work with whānau and external partners to deliver skills and opportunities that will expose and extend all students.


An 8am-8pm learning programme within a 4 week cycle will be implimented to maximise our boarding arrangement. Furthermore,  weeks 5 & 10 of each term will be focussed on educational opportunities outside the classroom.

Daily Schedule

  • Applications are open for 2025
  • Please complete the application form on the next tab
  • Reply to the email invitation for the TIPENE Orientation Camp which will be emailed to you on receipt of your application
  • TIPENE Orientation Camp will take place on September 20-22 at TIPENE.
  • Final decisions will be emailed to applicants the week following the TIPENE Orientation Camp.
  • Applications now open for TIPENE 2025!
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  • Annual fee for boarding, curriculum, sport, culture and school related activities is set at $20,000 per annum. Below are the items included as a part of student fees.
    • 7 Day Boarding
    • Dress Blazer & Tie (Loan)
    • Sports Uniform (Loan)
    • Daily Uniform
    • TIPENE Sports Trips excluding international.
    • TIPENE Camps / Wananga
    • TIPENE Education Trips
    • Sport trainings and facilities
    • Sport Coaching including specialist sessions.
    • Co-Curricular Activities 
    • Transportation to selected trainings.
    •  All meals
  • The St Stephen’s and Queen Victoria Schools Trust (SSQV) are committed to their investment in Māori education. Therefore, every year 9 and 10 student shall receive no less than $5,000 towards boarding fees. Year 11, 12 and 13 students will continue to receive financial support as they meet the agreed criteria, as determined by the Tipene Board of Trustees.
  • TIPENE is delighted to provide a document with a comprehensive range of scholarships to support students in overcoming any potential barriers to their academic advancement. This diverse selection of scholarships aims to ensure that all students have equal opportunities to succeed.
  • External scholarship list – TIPENE – St Stephen’s School.
  • All students will require a personal laptop for most learning tasks. In addition, a list of stationery items will be provided before the start of the school year.
  • All students will be provided with daily, formal and sporting attire included in school fees.
  • A list of required items to be provided by the student will be made available in the near future.  

Accepting Enrolments for 2025

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